Troubled By A Past Abortion?

There is Help and a Place to Turn!

Pregnancy Helpline and Resource Center of Janesville, WI sponsors several Christian-based, Interdenominational Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats each year. Rachel’s Vineyard provides an emotionally safe environment to process your anger, emotional turmoil, grief, and regret with others who are going through the same aftermath of abortion. You will also connect with those who have been through the healing process and who will come alongside you as you work YOUR way through to closure and God’s peace.
We hold our retreats in private retreat facilities, so we can better provide an atmosphere of anonymity and confidentiality.

Here are some comments from those who have attended in the past:

  •  “I was terrified to take that first step forward and participate in Rachel’s Vineyard. It seemed safer to remain hiding in the darkness, keeping the pain locked up deep inside rather than to risk exposing my shame to another soul. Now I am grateful to have experienced God’s healing and forgiveness in an atmosphere or complete acceptance and trust. Rachel’s Vineyard has been a blessing to me.”
  • “I felt upon my arrival the presence of God. I was comfortable. I didn’t feel judgment. The quiet stillness of the retreat house allowed me to relax and think about my abortion and process my feelings of guilt, shame, and sadness, without fear of interruption. I wasn’t able to do that before for fear of breaking down and not being able to handle daily life.”
  • “It was a very intense and powerful weekend. A lot was accomplished. I was amazed at the sense of support felt. For the first time, it was okay to talk about what happened and know that everyone has experienced the same feelings. The Living Scriptures are very helpful to restore peace. It enables us to face fears and overcome them, allow us period of rightful grief, mourning and presents a new starting point for living guilt free.”

Let your soul find a voice and transform the pain of the past into renewed faith, hope, emotional healing, and peace of mind.

For more information about Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats held throughout the United States and beyond, visit www.rachelsvineyard.org.

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